Finishing Strong

When we launched the Hepburn Alumni Challenge in September 2014, John '68 and Jane Hepburn challenged our alumni community to come together in support of LCS by giving back. The goal was to increase participation and help LCS become more financially accessible for alumni families. The Hepburn’s generous $3M incentive ensured that every alum could make a powerful impact.

In Year Five, our alumni demonstrated their continued commitment to the program, with participation jumping to 40%. LCS continues to lead all independent schools in Canada in alumni donor participation—an incredible sign of the strength of our community. In September, we will welcome 17 children from alumni families to The Grove—a new record! Remarkably, the Hepburn Alumni Challenge Bursary has grown to be able to support 8 children next year.

It has been five years, and in that time we are incredibly proud of what our alumni community has accomplished. The Hepburn Alumni Challenge Bursary currently sits at over $3M and will continue to support deserving alumni children in perpetuity.

None of this would have been possible without the support of over 75 volunteer Class and Decade Captains, who tirelessly engaged their classmates and guided us through the implementation of this program. We are remarkably grateful for the support our community has demonstrated. Their generosity has and will continue to provide students with life-changing opportunities. We want to sincerely thank our alumni for their kindness and leadership.

We also must acknowledge the inspiring leadership of John '68 and Jane Hepburn. Their vision, passion, and incredible support have enhanced our school and alumni community immeasurably.

We’re currently challenging ourselves to dream about how the program can evolve and continue to address financial accessibility at LCS. Stay tuned! If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to your Class Captain, Adam Bishop '04 or Cody McMahon '12 at the school.

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